Lesotho Times

Frequency: Weekly
Print Order: 10 000
Cover Price: sold
Languages: English
LSM Group: 6-10

Lesotho Times

The Lesotho Times is fiercely independent and non-partisan national English general news weekly.

It reports on news, whatever the subject, from a human angle to impact on the community it serves.

Editorial themes include economic, political, business and social issues with in-depth investigative reporting on relevant subjects. Stories on international issues, lifestyle, arts and sports are also on offer to balance the read of an independent-thinking and upwardly mobile middle-class reader.

The newspaper maintains absolute impartiality in news and information dissemination.

The editorial content is primarily geared for the middle to upper-class readers falling within the LSM measure of 6 to 10.

It is published every Thursday in tabloid format with sections including Entertainment and Lifestyle, Classifieds, Motoring, Auctions, Property and Travel sections.

To have a maximum readership impact, the Lesotho Times has a print-run of 10 000 copies per week.

The Lesotho Times is registered with the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC.)

 The Lesotho Times is also equipped with a solid digital platform on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube.

Circulation/ABC: 7629
Format: Tabloid
Day of Publication: Thursday
Target Market: Black - White