SA Fruit Journal

Frequency: Bi Monthly
Print Order: 4 000
Cover Price: Sold
Languages: English, Afrikaans
LSM Group: 7-10

SA Fruit Journal

The SA Fruit Journal is a bilingual, bi-monthly magazine aimed at the fruit industry. The magazine evolved from the Deciduous Fruit Grower/Sagtevrugteboer and the first issue was published in June 2002.

The magazine is published by the South African Fruit Journal (Pty) Ltd and the control is in hand. Role players in the magazine are the SA Stone Fruit Producers’ Association (SASPA), SA Apple & Pear Producers’ Association (SAAPPA), SA Table Grapes (SAT), the Citrus Growers’ Association (CGA), the Fresh Produce Exporters’ Forum (FPEF) and the SA Olive Industry Association. 

The magazine’s main purpose is to inform its readers about current market news and give them a better understanding through in-depth articles. South African Fruit Journal publish popular and scientific articles about agricultural services and service providers, product news and innovation, agricultural training, Government, international news, market news and exports.

Format: Magazine
Day of Publication: Bi-Monthly
Target Market: All Groups