Cosmo City Chronicle

Frequency: Twice Monthly
Print Order: 16 000
Cover Price: Free
Languages: English
LSM Group: 4-9

Cosmo City Chronicle

Cosmo  City  Chronicle (the only semi-commercial newspaper in the area)  is  a  local  paper  in  the  North-West  part  of Johannesburg.  It  was  established  in  2007.  In  those  later  years  of  the  housing boom, Cosmo City was being developed as the first national model of Integrated Human Settlements. Today, Cosmo City has boosted the market in this area by adding  a  middle  class  population  of  just  over  70  000.  It  has  now  become  a vibrant market for all sectors in the economy. Cosmo City, a node growing tremendously that first  had two major shopping centres  developed - Cosmo Mall and  Cosmo  City  Shopping  Centre has now expanded its population with Region  C  which  is  the north-west  side  of  Johannesburg,  bordering  the  Roodepoort  area, as well as another  phase  of  home  developments - Malibongwe Ridge, adding up more than  25 000 of  middle  class income  population.  

Since  April  2008,  Cosmo  City  Chronicle has grown into a household, semi-commercial tabloid brand. It has a print order of 

16  000  copies  printed  twice  monthly.  The  Cosmo  City  Chronicle  is  a member of AIP, and the ABC.

Format: Tabloid
Day of Publication: Twice Monthly
Target Market: Black - Indian