Print Order Legend: 0 - 5000 | 5001 - 20 000 | 20 001 - 40 000 | 40 000+
Cover Price: Free

Botswana Advertiser

LSM Group: 5-9 | Print Order: 93 000 | ABC | Frequency: Weekly
Format: A4 | Languages: English

The Botswana Advertiser,  founded in 1971, has a print order of 93 000 and is distributed freely to all readership groups on a weekly basis.

The name and brand has taken over 40 years to build.
They are the third largest freely distributed print media in Southern Africa that is ABC Certified.

Cover Price: sold

The Echo

LSM Group: 4-8 | Print Order: 10 000 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English

The Echo has a weekly print run of 10 000 copies. Newspaper readership research has shown that one copy is generally read by 4 to 5 people. The Echo Newspaper is distributed throughout Botswana. The newspaper is distributed directly to the shops, street vendors and filling stations. 

Ranges from Civil servants (Government, private sector businesses, parastatals, students and old people).

The age group of our readers is from 13 to 50 years though the main age group (accounting for 60% is young executives and SMME’s (18-45).

Cover Price: sold

The Voice

LSM Group: 4-9 | Print Order: 18 000 | Circulation/ABC: 21004 | ABC | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English

The Voice is a tabloid newspaper established in 1993 with shorter stories, big pictures and bold headlines. In having achieved the goal of becoming Botswana’s best selling newspaper, we concentrate on ‘human interest’ stories. Our view is that anyone who can read is a potential customer, therefore our marketing team will take the time to tailor make specific needs analysis for every client.

The Voice Newspaper is an exciting, well balanced read. It is an all rounder that entails a general section of news with emphasis on human interest as well as topical issues, a business section as well as a comprehensive 8 page entertainment/fashion pull-out.

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