Eastern Cape

Print Order Legend: 0 - 5000 | 5001 - 20 000 | 20 001 - 40 000 | 40 000+
Cover Price: Free & Sold

Aliwal Weekly

LSM Group: 4-8 | Print Order: 2 000 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans

Aliwal Weekly (previously Frontier Post back in the late 1800͛s and early 1900͛s) is a hybrid newspaper with a print order of 2 000 copies distributed weekly, focusing on community affairs in the Eastern Cape area.


1. Relevant Community News

2.  Languages catering for all residents in the area

3. Covering diversified cultures in the community

4. Delivering Schools News in the community

Cover Price: Free

East London Rising Sun

LSM Group: 4-9 | Print Order: 42 500 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English

The East London Rising Sun is a free community newspaper distributed weekly on Tuesdays. This publication prides itself with effective distribution reaching multitudes of the residents due to the fact that its full print run of 42 500 copies is distributed on a knock and drop basis (door to door).

Cover Price: Sold

Hartland News

LSM Group: 4-9 | Print Order: 2 500 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans

Hartland Nuus/News is a new name introduced in January 2017 – a new face replacing the Somerset Budget, Cradock Courant, Middelburg Courant, Pearston Advocate, Winterberg News and Fort Beaufort Advocate – combining all under one name. This publication therefore, is the continuation of a long-standing, trusted brand, Somerset Budget established since 1886. The publication changed through quite a couple of hands over the war period of 1914-1918, and in 1951 Mr PJ van der Walt bought the sole ownership and since then to this age the newspaper is run under the van der Walt’s ownership.

Hartland Nuus/News thus publishes newspapers in English and Afrikaans, which cover the whole of Eastern Cape Midlands area, making it an excellent advertising medium. We distribute
2 500 newspapers weekly on Thursdays.

Cover Price: Sold

Midlands News

LSM Group: 4-7 | Print Order: 850 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans

Midlands News is a weekly publication with a print order of  850.

Midlands News followed after a history of other publications such as The Cradock Despatch that was established on 21 November 1850. The Cradock Despatch which was distributed in Cradock unfortunately had a short existence as it was terminated in 1851. On 5 January 1858 the “Cradock Register” publication began.

In 1959 the Midlands News and The Afrikaner were sold to White & Broughton Publishers.

These two newspapers were a tradition in Cradock and they achieved their aim by informing the inhabitants of the local news. During 1985 the Midlands News was purchased by the Wood brothers from De Aar Printers and to this day they continue to publish this newspaper weekly in Cradock. Clarence Wood is the sole owner of the Midlands News since 1990.


Cover Price: Free

Pondo News

LSM Group: 3-9 | Print Order: 10 000 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Xhosa

Pondo News is a free newspaper, distributing 10 000 copies weekly on a Friday.

Pondo News was established in 1996 as a sole proprietor business and in 2008 it became a registered - Close Corporation.

This publication targets mainly the Black market, especially those in the Transkei and Eastern Cape region.  It is the leading Xhosa publication in the region with an estimated readership of about 4 – 6 readers per copy.  Due to the newspapers popularity government officials requested it be distributed to Government Departments as well as in schools throughout the region and this resulted in distribution to Ixopo and Umzimkulu, which form part of the Harry Gwala Municipality.

Cover Price: Free

Suburban Bugle

LSM Group: 6-10 | Print Order: 5000 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English

The Suburban Bugle started out as a publication catering for the Gonubie area in 2008 has grown into covering the whole East London area and has a growing readership with editorial covering local events and happenings.

Cover Price: Free

The Bugle

LSM Group: 3-8 | Print Order: 4 500 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English

With a readership  in excess of 4500 per week certainly confirms our community enjoy there weekly fix of local news.

The Bugle also offer our advertisers a  vehicle in which to advertise and sell their wares.

Cover Price: Sold & Free

The Reporter

LSM Group: 4 - 9 | Print Order: 1400 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans, Xhosa

The Reporter, or formerly the Barkly East Reporter (established in 1886) is the oldest newspaper in the North Eastern Cape.

The Reporter reaches a large variety of different areas throughout the Eastern Cape. The newspaper also distributes to schools who receive free copies. It is a family owned newspaper. The newspaper has been passed on from generation to generation. We consider it our duty to inform the public, to help educate, to promote business and tourism in this part of the Eastern Cape.

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