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Cover Price: Sold & Free

Excelsior News

LSM Group: 5-10 | Print Order: 3 500 | Circulation/ABC: 3282 | ABC | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans, Zulu, German

Excelsior News is the only community newspaper which has proudly served the Piet Retief
(Mkhondo) Municipal area and surrounding communities for over 53 years. We bring our readers the very latest in community, church and school news also municipal affairs, local sports and educational material on a weekly basis. Our motto is "we don’t make the news, we report the news".


We not only keep our readers informed, we also help to educate.Excelsior News has been a shareholder of Capro since 1965, is a member of the AIP (Association of Independent Publishers) and is ABC certified.Piet Retief is situated in the South Eastern corner of Mpumalanga, 35 km from the Swaziland/South African international border and 30 km from the Mpumalanga/KwaZulu-Natal
provincial border.

Cover Price: Free

Highlands Panorama

LSM Group: 5-10 | Print Order: 10 000 | ABC | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans

The Highlands Panorama News is a privately owned,  local community newspaper and services the Highlands area of Lydenburg, Burgersfort and Steelpoort. Growth into other neighbouring areas when affordable is a stated objective.

The Highlands Panorama News’ main business is that of a community oriented newspaper, with family values.

The paper strives towards editorial excellence and focuses mainly on local events. Sensationalism and negative publicity does not form part of the founding objectives, although news remain news, even if sometimes negative. No religious or political leanings are favoured.

Cover Price: Free

Highveld Tribune

LSM Group: 3-9 | Print Order: 12 000 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans

The Highveld Tribune is a weekly publication, portraying news events and happenings in and around Ermelo in Mpumalanga Province. The Highveld Tribune is an apolitical, non-racial publication, bringing relevant news of the community to the community. The language medium used in the Highveld Tribune is both English and Afrikaans, covering the whole gambit of news events relevant to all sections of the community of Ermelo and surrounding towns. Hard news, breaking news, crime, community news, social events, property, classifieds and sporting events are regular features.

The Highveld Tribune was established in April 2006. The newspaper has grown by leaps and bounds and has entrenched itself in the hearts and minds of our readers. Its popularity has caused it to become a feature of Tuesday mornings in Ermelo and is widely sought after.

Cover Price: Free


LSM Group: 6-10 | Print Order: 22 000 | Uncertified | Frequency: Twice Monthly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans, Portuguese

NewsHorn started off with a print order of 5 000 copies twice a month and within a period of two years we have increased our print order to 22 000 copies twice a month, freely distributed throughout Mpumalanga province with special focus on our rural communities. We now publish three area-centric papers (Mbombela, Bohlabela and Nkomazi & Mozambique) twice a month and is the only community paper distributed across the border into Mozambique.


Our footprint with regards to our natural environment and conservation industries are now known on an international platform and NewsHorn supports various social drives, especially in the area of early child development and education of our previously disadvantaged people in the province. We have highlighted and got on board with anti-abuse and anti-corruption  drives and human trafficking and we are playing a significant role in tackling across border crime. We have taken hands with SANParks, the Kruger National Park, and we are a member of the Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business & Tourism  and our staff  are all heavily involved in their communities to promote our indigenous peoples and their future role in the province.

Cover Price: Sold


LSM Group: 4-9 | Print Order: 2 700 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans, Zulu

The Recorder Newspaper was established in 1903 as a weekly tabloid community newspaper.  It contains interesting news about what’s going on in the area.

The Recorder, distributing 2700 newspaper copies, is one of the most popular newspapers in the Volksrust and surrounding areas in Mpumalanga. The local content with high editorial integrity of this paper has attracted advertisers and hence exponential growth of our readership.

Cover Price: Free

The Bulletin Secunda

LSM Group: 5-9 | Print Order: 21 000 | Grassroots | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans

The Bulletin is a true product of the local community, as its owners and employees are based and vested in Secunda. The directors have a hands-on approach and are directly involved with everything, from editorial and production to sales and distribution. We will therefore walk the extra mile for our customers and readers.

We deliver door to door in several towns. The Bulletin is the only community paper distributed at homes in Kriel.

This publication is a family, friendly product with high social, ethical and Christian morals.


Cover Price: Free

The Herald

LSM Group: 4-9 | Print Order: 15 000 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans

After eight years of operation the quality of our paper attracted most advertisers  and news content, and this  prompted us to become a weekly paper .  Currently 15 000 copies of our paper is distributed in Middelburg, Witbank,  Pullenshope, Belfast, Arnot, Hendrina and Mhluzi. The Herald has made a household name and improved the quality of lives of the majority of readers by providing material that is informative and stimulating. 

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