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Cover Price: sold

Eswatini Observer

LSM Group: 6-10 | Print Order: 8 280 | Uncertified | Frequency: Daily
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English

Eswatini Observer is a national newspaper printed daily since 1981. It is the second largest newspaper in the Kingdom of eSwatini. Swazi Observer prides itself with its mature editorial policy which is inspired by our well crafted journalism that helps our readers understand the environment. The targeted reader is the one who seeks accurate facts, informative analysis and ethical reporting. The Swazi Observer group of newspapers editorial policy is driven by these standards of professionalism.
The newspaper's print order is 8 280 copies

Cover Price: Sold

Observer on Saturday

LSM Group: 6-10 | Print Order: 9 200 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English

Observer on Saturday is weekly Saturday Paper with a print order of 9200.
The Swazi Observer Newspaper Group was born in 1981 and is 100% owned by Tibiyo Taka Ngwane, a Swazi Nation company that is a major player in the Economic development of the country with investments in all the sectors of the economy.

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