Western Cape

Print Order Legend: 0 - 5000 | 5001 - 20 000 | 20 001 - 40 000 | 40 000+
Cover Price: Sold & Free


LSM Group: 6-10 | Print Order: 1 500 | ABC | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans

Courier is a community newspaper for the Central Karoo region.

Established in October 1869, Courier is one of the oldest independently owned newspapers in South Africa.

Cover Price: Free


LSM Group: 5-8 | Print Order: 17 000 | ABC | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans

The Herrie newspaper is a 23 year old Thursday tradition in the Klein Karoo providing an accessible medium of communication to the people in the surrounding areas. This publication is FREE of charge and carries all the property, classifieds, motoring, memoriam, local government advertisements/ tenders and national advertisements. We know our market and our market knows us.

It is said that: “Klein Karoo without Herrie is like ‘kerriekos’ without ‘kerrie’!”

Herrie is without a doubt the oil in the Klein Karoo’s business machine. It is a quarter-fold paper, printed by Group Editors, George on newsprint. The Herrie has its own successful website with good readership statistics. www.herrie.co.za

Cover Price: Free

Impact News

LSM Group: 4-8 | Print Order: 17 000 | Uncertified | Frequency: Monthly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans, Xhosa

Impact News was established in 2011 to turn around the negative perceptions of the area through positive reporting, focusing on local success, growth trends, positive living, community development and entrepreneurship.
Impact News is a free, monthly newspaper with a print order of 17 000. Since its inception, the publication has surpassed the other local newspapers in terms of quality articles, advertisements, campaigns and in-depth journalism and reporting.

Cover Price: Free

Northern Bulletin

LSM Group: 5-9 | Print Order: 10 000 | Uncertified | Frequency: Monthly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans

Northern Bulletin is a monthly newspaper and through the support of local small and corporate businesses will help to uplift the community through job creation, sponsorships to disadvantaged (setup of frail-care centres, etc) as well as sport scholarships to promising sports men and women.  Only through your commitment and support can we drive these initiatives to the next level. Through your commitment we can continue to help uplift our community.

Our aim is to create employment opportunities within our local community and at the same time giving them current news within their area as well as promoting the business community by bringing the community their message through advertising. 


Cover Price: Sold

Ons Kontrei

LSM Group: 4-9 | Print Order: 4 800 | Grassroots | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans

Ons Kontrei Newspaper is a privately owned community newspaper who has, for the last 47 years, brought the Olifantsriver Valley their weekly news. The readers vary from farmers to business owners to the unemployed and has a weekly reader count of approximately 20 000.

Cover Price: Sold

SA Fruit Journal

LSM Group: 7-10 | Print Order: 4 000 | Uncertified | Frequency: Bi Monthly
Format: Magazine | Languages: English, Afrikaans

The SA Fruit Journal is a bilingual, bi-monthly magazine aimed at the fruit industry. The magazine evolved from the Deciduous Fruit Grower/Sagtevrugteboer and the first issue was published in June 2002.

The magazine is published by the South African Fruit Journal (Pty) Ltd and the control is in hand. Role players in the magazine are the SA Stone Fruit Producers’ Association (SASPA), SA Apple & Pear Producers’ Association (SAAPPA), SA Table Grapes (SAT), the Citrus Growers’ Association (CGA), the Fresh Produce Exporters’ Forum (FPEF) and the SA Olive Industry Association. 

The magazine’s main purpose is to inform its readers about current market news and give them a better understanding through in-depth articles. South African Fruit Journal publish popular and scientific articles about agricultural services and service providers, product news and innovation, agricultural training, Government, international news, market news and exports.

Cover Price: Sold

Suidernuus Southern Post

LSM Group: 6-10 | Print Order: 2 000 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans, Xhosa

Suidernuus, established in 1924, is a community paper from the people to the people. Since Suidernuus is upheld for the local people, they do not carry national or international news unless it affects their area/people in some or other way.

Suidernuus provides an accessible medium of communication to the people of the area, which plays a meaningful role in informing and shaping public opinion, as well as stimulating the growth and prosperity of the local community.

Cover Price: Free

Winelands Echo

LSM Group: 5-9 | Print Order: 10 000 | Uncertified | Frequency: Twice Monthly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans

Winelands Echo was established in 2004 and is a 100% black-owned newspaper.

Winelands Echo is owned by Joseph Bushby and Eugene van Niekerk. They distribute 10 000 copies free to the residential community and townships all over the Winelands and Boland areas. For the past decade have managed to build up a loyal readership.

This is a community newspaper that offers an equal chance to each individual within the community to respond to vacancies, tenders, and other opportunities advertised.

Winelands Echo focuses on the positive side of the community.

Cover Price: Sold & Free

Witzenberg Herald

LSM Group: 5-9 | Print Order: 4 500 | Uncertified | Frequency: Weekly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English, Afrikaans

The family business was established in 1997 by Piet and Francois Snyman. With more than 60 years of experience in the newspaper world, both men realized the need for a newspaper in the region. Since April 2007 it is run by Francois and Erika Snyman (advertising), the new owners.

Witzenberg Herald is a sold newspaper and distributes 4 500 copies once a week. It  forms an integrated part of the Witzenberg region.

Cover Price: Free

Your Wellness Matters

LSM Group: 3-7 | Print Order: 30000 | Capro vetted | Frequency: Monthly
Format: Tabloid | Languages: English

Your Wellness Matters is a unique wellness oriented, free community newspaper. Its purpose is to inspire wellness through sharing simplified information with the objective to elevate awareness of lifestyle diseases and help reduce the spiralling rate of Noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and obesity.
Our layout is unique for a newspaper. By using fewer columns, larger text, simple language and infographics, we strive to make the paper engaging and reader friendly.

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